I Believe That Walt Disney World Can Make Your Dreams Come True.

Kyle - LaGrange, Highlands, Illinois
Entered on February 20, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: pleasure

I believe in many things. But one of my strongest beliefs in the belief that Disney World can make your dreams literally come true. Some people out there probably would look at me and laugh, but I really do believe Disney World can make your dreams

(Wishes) or some of them at least come true.

I was about four or five years when old my parents took me to Walt Disney World for the first time. After all the stories I had heard I was finally going to one of the greatest places in the world. We arrived at the main gate and saw all of the Disney Characters welcoming us to their home, characters that I had only seen on TV but now was seeing them face to face. The amazement didn’t really hit me until we walked through the Magic Kingdom gate and onto Main Street. At that point, my eyes and mind were wide open to the castle towering over me, the main street stores calling me with their smells to come and sample their treats. Families of all kinds were enjoying the park despite it being well over ninety-degrees. But I also felt dreams at work, just floating around waiting to be granted. It seems pretty impossible, but I knew that this was a very special place.

Dreams and wishes were one here; they mirrored each other in any way. The castle was like a lighthouse beckoning all dreams to come and be granted. Everyone was either knowingly or unknowingly cashing in on what Disney had to offer. Some people might disagree and say otherwise, but I just know that when Disney built his park he knew what he wanted the park to do. He knew that the park was supposed to be a place that would open the mind. So I decided to put his park to use as intended and I dreamt. I dreamt for siblings. I dreamt for anything that a kid could want including ice cream. Nobody could have too much of ice cream.

I had my dream and released it expecting it to come true and when I thought it actually wasn’t, it did. It came true. I received my siblings Kiela and Kameron and although I sometimes regret my wish, I remember that I wished for them and I love them like anyone else would love a dream come true, no matter what they do. Adults dream all the time, for example, when they want a child, their favorite sports team to win, etc. Some of those dreams come true and some don’t but they cherish their dream-come-true no matter what. By going to Walt Disney World you only make it easier to believe. This is what Disney World teaches us, to dream where ever you are and if you dream hard enough and give the goal a nudge every now and then, you dreams will come true.