I believe everyone should live life as an adventure!

Scott - Tucson, Arizona
Entered on February 20, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: carpe diem

When I was a young boy, my brothers and I were always looking for something exciting.

I lived outside of town in the country. Behind my house was a small mountain range that we’d create trails on with our bicycles. After years of riding bicycles and dirtbikes in the area, I started losing interest in my surroundings. My brother had a subscription to a 4-wheel drive magazine where I found myself day dreaming about riding the deep red slick rock in Moab, UT.

Shortly after I turned twelve, I lost my father in a tragic car accident. Pain, sorrow, dispirited, there are no such words for describing the emotions. The day after the funeral I watched the World Trade Centers plummet to the ground. A few weeks later when I accepted the fact I was never going to see my father again, I told myself it was his time to go. Shortly later, a good friend that I knew since the 1st grade was killed in a car accident. Seeing a childhood friend of mine in a casket opened my eyes. I realized in doesn’t matter how old I am it could be my time at any moment.

My brother and I were ready to experience a new lifestyle, a new atmosphere, a new adventure. It was a difficult decision, but, when I weighed my options it seemed very clear. Besides, I had nothing to lose. I knew there was more to life than struggling with a lack of adventure. After all, I could do the same elsewhere but on a adventure.

As I was leaving my hometown I felt the excitement of a new life full of adventure ahead. For many people taking such a risk would not be an option.

Along the trip my brother and I stopped in Moab, UT, my childhood fantasy.

Riding dirt bikes on the world class trails, and the magnificent deep red arches absolutely fulfilled one of my childhood dreams.

I now live in Tucson. Often, I talk to friends and co-workers about my weekend trips. Many of them have lived in Tucson for years and haven’t taken the time to experience nature’s beauty surrounding them.

I believe some people are so caught up in their everyday life they are blind to the fact that there is much more to experience. I know taking risks can be difficult at times, but when I had nothing to lose it was like there was a cleared path were I couldn’t go wrong. When I grow old I don’t want to look back on my life and think of it as mediocre.

I believe everyone should take the time to realize that there is an adventure waiting.

My ultimate goal is to know without a doubt that I have lived life to the fullest.

Have you?