I Believe….

Kenza - Plymouth, Minnesota
Entered on February 20, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30
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I believe that a person should not believe in one thing. When you believe in more than one thing your open minded and appreciating to other thoughts on who people are and what they see and what “WE” will be able to see.

Years ago, a friend was shocked when I said I did not believe in a God. She asked me who I asked when I wanted something. I was pleased to realize that what I believe in is myself. Myself and my ability to obtain what I want for myself, without blind belief in something.

I have always believed that my destiny and choices are my own and take comfort in knowing that everything is achievable, if you are willing to work for it.

I believe people always have self-benefiting motives for everything.

I believe that everyone has a God-Given right to the opportunity to develop to their full potential, whatever that may be, as long as it is not at the expense of others doing the same…

I believe that everyone has a right to their own beliefs, and to live their life accordingly, as long as it does not infringe on these same rights for others.

I believe very strongly in the Constitution of the United States of America, especially the Bill of Rights.

I believe in enjoying everything, the good and the bad. I show appreciation to everyone for the good things and I find ways to joke about the rotten things that happen in my life.

I believe in myself. I am the only one that is going to hold my own hand through Life. :) I am my best friend sincerely, not egoistically. I have learned to Love myself over the years, which is why I am able to love others.

I have learned I can depend on no one but myself. Not whining, I am very thankful for all the lessons that got me to this point. It brought me out of co-dependency from my youth.

I believe in embracing the world and everything in it instead of repelling it or feeling that it “owes” me something. I have Peace. :)

I believe in the Satanic Bible because it is based on facts and not fiction like other so-called bibles.

I believe in experience – the only basis for unshakable faith. When your are touched you can no longer deny.

I believe in something creating us, I’m not exactly sure whether it may be one God or many, I’m not exactly sure on the afterlife I’ve had many

different speculations ranging from rebirth, heaven/hell, free spirit roaming,

etc. But, the main idea I particularly stick to in the afterlife category is continual spirit development after death and if you don’t go near the light that everyone says you’re drawn to after death, you become a free spirit and may continue to roam the spirit realm and interact with other free spirits.

I believe in diversity. Therefore, there are certain things in other religions that I believe in, but then other parts make no sense at all. There is not a ‘story’ behind what I believe, because eclecticism is basically individual point of view.

I believe in the Asian area of belief with reincarnation, based upon how you live your life is how you are reborn. I believe in what Jesus did and everything.

I do not believe in the signalized ‘God’ in the Christian, Catholic, Pentecostal and related religions.

I believe in duality and balance in the universe. Therefore, I am in common ground with the neo-pagan and Wicca religions. A female and a male original higher beings. I think that the Christian and related religions just lost the goddess in particular, and so their religion does not exactly work.

I believe in the fact that even science has proven, that everything is made up of energy.

I believe in the spiritual plane and magical principles, like karma. With the Greek and Egyptian gods and goddess’, I think that those are all just different versions of the original goddess and god. The beginning of everything and all that is so uncertain, so I do not really have an opinion on that subject. If that knowledge is revealed to me, then that is that and vise versa.

I believe in beings that have been classified as ‘mythological’ to an extent as well: vampires, mermaids, werewolves, shape shifters, etc. Diversity does not have to make sense to other people, because it is just the personal viewpoints of their beliefs to themselves.

I believe we are all one. We all share this existence together, every living thing.

I believe what is real as deducted by evidence based reasoning and logical conjecture.

I believe we have evolved as beings to new levels of consciousness but we are still not fully there yet, our third eye is not fully open, but we are struggling to come together and live in peace as one essence or spirit or whatever name you want to call it. I think we are all looking for the same answer but we just do not know what the question is.

I believe in a saying an apple a day keeps the doctor away because with the

nutrients an apple gives its bond to keep away many things.

I believe there are two equal parts that create human sentience. The Ego and The Self. The Ego is that part of us that provides raw, solid instinct. It is that part of us that we rely on to keep our physical body protected in times of peril. It is that instinctual protector that gives our personality the more abrasive traits such as dominance, arrogance, denial, aggression, etc. The Self is that part of us that provides insights beyond the physical world. It is that part of us that allows us to understand & realize human emotion and the causes behind the emotions. It is our insightful understanding side that gives our personality the more conciliatory traits such as compassion, peace, unconditional platonic love, etc.

I believe too many see with their eyes and harden their hearts but this will always continue until Christ comes again.

I believe in atoms, even though I have never seen one with my own two eyes and the “photographs” I’ve seen could very well be fakes. I believe this because saying “The Universe is made of atoms,” MEANS something — it predicts that the Universe ought to behave in certain orderly, predictable ways; and controlled experiments bear out that fact. Those experiments are well documented, and I could go perform them myself, if I had the resources and inclination.

I believe the consciousness of the entire universe is God. I believe God created the Big Bang by knowing it is on consciousness. [ “I think, therefore I am” -Descartes]. I believe all living things have a soul and collectively make up the mind of God. I believe in Karma and Reincarnation. I think of God as the underlying laws and rules of the universe. I see God at the quantum level of all laws. God to me is a Physicist, Geneticist and Mathematician. I do not believe an ancient book can tell people what to believe in. As Science uncovers the laws of the Universe, we uncover God. I also go to science first.

I believe in me.

I believe this is probably enough for now….