The Bitch

anthony - frankfort, Kentucky
Entered on February 20, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: golden rule

You get out what you put in, a simple old saying. But I believe its Karma, an karma is a….. Now before I jump into being rude and start name calling. No girl that you would consider a bitch could ever do you as dirty as karma, which is why she is a bitch.

I mean I’ve walked into a building, ended up making $500 dollars in a wrong way, and karma’s ass gets me before I make it out the door. So I always try to do the right thing no matter what. Because she only gets you if you are in the wrong.

One time I mowed an old ladies yard for some extra cash. When I was done and she paid me, the old lady gave me $20 more dollars than she was supposed to. Instead of doing the right thing and give it back I decided to keep it. And I be dammed if when I got home my lawn mower broke. Or a even smaller thing than that, like the time I tried to shake my sisters pop up so it would bust in her face. And Karma distracted me and made me forget which drink was which. So I thought I knew and sat down for a little laugh. But when I opened my drink for a sip, I end up wearing it.

I say she’s dirty because you might be trying hard to do right, and you might even do something and think it was for the better. But if she doesn’t think so then she will take something from you that she believes is equal.

But I do believe there is a way to bet her. The best way to bet her is to just do no wrong. or watch you back and make sure you never give her the smallest chance to catch you slipping. And I mean you really have to cross your T’s and dot your I’s, like I said she’ll get you.

I hate her so much, I have to live my life differently just because of her. I’m scared that every time I do something wrong that she will come and take everything I love. This is why I believe that Karma is the biggest bitch in the world.