Andrew - Lawrenceburg, Kentucky
Entered on February 20, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: pleasure

I believe that the world is a beautiful place. I think there are many amazing things to see in the world. I think that people forget this.

The thought of travel never occurred to me when I was younger. I only wanted to stay at home, and it seemed like a hassle. I didn’t enjoy going anywhere else, when I could just stay at home and play with my friends, or watch T.V. My parents always wanted to go to places that I thought were boring, like state parks, but I never thought about going anywhere. Probably one of the first places I Liked traveling to, was North Carolina. I go there every year and stay at the beach, and have become familiar now with some of the surrounding area. I like to go visit lots of places that have rich histories; like places Black beard stayed at, or other landmarks. One time I stayed at Oacracoke Island for a couple of days. It was a small island, but very peaceful and interesting.

Another place I’ve Been to was San Francisco, California. While I was there I saw a lot of amazing things, like the golden gate bridge, and Alcatraz, but even more amazing to me, were the things that weren’t man-made. I went to see the giant redwoods that were older and bigger than any tree I’ve ever seen. They had been around before Columbus even discovered America. This was also the first time I ever got to see the Pacific Ocean. After we visited the woods, we drove along the coast, on Highway 1. The Pacific didn’t look anything like the Atlantic; It Looked so vast, and blue. I stepped out of the car and was hit by a huge gust of wind. I walked up to a cliff side and stared out for a while. After Staring out at it, I got in the car and we drove down the coast some more, and saw an artist painting the exact same scene on an easel.

I believe that everyone should travel at least a couple times in their lives, because you will see things that will amaze you. Another reason to travel is Just to know what’s going on around you, or meet people from different places and learn what they are like. It has definitely been a good experience for me.