Two Halves of One Whole

Valerie - Krypton, Kentucky
Entered on February 19, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

At one time, according to myth, humans consisted of four arms, four legs, and one head with two faces, but Zeus angered by their insolence and fearing their power split them in half. They were therefore doomed to wonder the earth for eternity searching for their other half…for their soul mate. This is the legend of soul mates and in soul mates I believe.

As a girl I prayed that my Prince Charming would be tall, dark, and handsome. But being spoiled as I was I had a few other criteria: my Prince Charming had to be full of humor, lovable, and very supportive. I will always thank God for answering.

I looked across the parking lot and met a pair of stormy blue eyes. A blush colored my face at being caught starring at the tall, lanky boy with dark brown hair and an easy smile. My mind quit working and my heart threatened to bust from my chest.

“Hey, I’m Damon.” I was hooked and falling fast. I knew when I looked into his eyes that I was looking into the eyes of the man that would love me forever…my soul mate.

I knew long before he did and long before he admitted to it that he loved me. But still there is nothing in this world like being told… I threw down my books as soon as I entered the house, his four-wheeler was outside which meant he was already home. I snuck into our bedroom and without warning sprang onto the bed beside his relaxed form. I was immediately dragged onto his lap and into his arms for a kiss. My stomach full of butterflies quivered in delight and I felt that loved feeling like warm sunshine seeping through my body.

“I love you.” I whispered.

“I love you, too.” He answered.


“Promise…You know what they say about falling in love is true. Sparks really do fly.” This startled me and I pulled my head away from his shoulder to look him in the eyes. “I remember the day I knew for sure that I loved you…when we went to Six Flags with Bob. The whole trip home I couldn’t keep my hands off of you.”

“The sparks really did fly, didn’t they?” I smiled before capturing his lips with mine. We are soul mates. I had known it from that very first meeting and here we are today still together and still so in love.

Soul mates are those special individual with whom you have a deep connection and natural affinity. They own a piece of your soul and are an irreplaceable part of your life. No matter how far apart you are you are always connected and always will be. I have found my soul mate and in soul mates I believe.