Where Do Broken Friendships Go

Megan - Lothian, Maryland
Entered on February 19, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

Give me a back corner table, sir

Because tonight I’m dining alone –

I just stopped in to ask you quick

Where do broken friendships go?

I’m not sure of what has happened

But a friendship seems to have been spurned –

And sorrow has simply settled in

And bridges have been burned.

Don’t they know that it matters not

Where they have gone before?

But that instead it’s where we go from here

That matters so much more?

Set me up with another round

And help me to understand –

Just where do broken friendships go

And when does the heartache end?

Is there a friendship garden planted

Somewhere up in the sky –

Where caring and compassion

Are sent to wither and to die?

Bring on one last round, sir

Before this evening comes to an end –

So that I can drink to what once was

And to my true, but broken, friend.