I Believe in finding the silver lining

Jillian - Lagrange, Illinois
Entered on February 18, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I Believe

“And in last place for the Junior Varsity Jazz division…Lyons Township!” This is what I heard at my very first competition for poms. It was depressing and kind of annoying to look at some of the squads who placed better than LT. I know I wasn’t wishing to come in last place, but I couldn’t let the results get me down.

About a month ago I competed with the rest of the Lyons Township Junior Varsity Poms Squad at a competition in Chicago sponsored by UDA, the Universal Dance Association. I was very excited and definitely nervous to be there. It was the first competition that I had ever competed in along with my team.

Many of the other teams that were there were some of the best in the nation, which was a huge intimidation factor. I watched as the competition performed. The squad and myself critiqued some and sat in awe at others. The time ticked by and finally LT’s time drew near.

As I walked onto the performance floor the adrenaline rushed and the rest of my team took their beginning spots. The music played and in the end everyone did their very best.

It felt good afterwards and the coach was thinking, maybe just maybe, her squad had a chance to place.

Award time came and my whole team held hands in hopes of placing in the top 3 in the jazz division. Unfortunately, Lyons Township JV poms…came in dead last. My head dropped in disappointment and confusion. It was a really tough time to go through but there was something to look forward to that night.

Later, there was a sleepover planned just for the pommers at one of the girl’s houses. Even though everyone was very disappointed and all that was talked about on the bus ride home was “Why didn’t we place?” I realized that I did the absolute best that I could and that I should be extremely proud of myself. The sleepover wasn’t a time to be upset, it was a time to have fun with the rest of the girls.

At the sleepover a lesson was learned. Yes, competition did not go the way that I had wanted, but it’s not worth the time to dwell on the fact that my team came in last against schools that are the best in the nation. In fact, I should be proud that my school competed against other schools that are THAT GOOD. But even though our school didn’t do as well as it could’ve, the girls still had so much fun at the sleepover and got a lot closer to each other. Out of a bad thing came something amazing, this is why I believe that it’s important to find the silver lining to every grey cloud. Focusing on the bad parts of the past will only make it harder to look into the future.