the changes in my life

carrie - lexington, Kentucky
Entered on February 18, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: change

I wasn’t even planning on being an exchange student coming over to America.

That was a fine and cloudless day and I was walking in campus after lunch, holding my spoon in hand. When I passed by a glass-fronted billboard, I shoot a glance at it and saw an announcement talking about ‘Academic Year in America”. I and my friend were interested and we tried to learn some more information, but we were refused by our class teacher since he didn’t really want to get any more inconvenient for himself. We both thought we were done with it at that time.

This was actually not. Unfortunately, I was infected by the vermicelli virus in one week. I wasn’t able to do anything during that time. I was reading books in bed and just couldn’t wipe the ‘Academic Year in America” thing out of my head. I finally asked my mom to go talking to my school counselor, and she confirmed me to take an English test.

And I got my host family placement two months later.

And I was watching the clouds outside the windows on the plane flying to Lexington another month later.

And I am writing ‘This I Believe’ now.

Time flies, it’s about 6 months past already since I first got here. I had my most amazing experience here and things happened to me differently every day.

‘Things do not change, we change.’ William David Thoreau said so. Changes are taking place in my daily life and they make my life beautiful which I really do enjoy.