Oh How Depressing

Christina - Lemon Grove, California
Entered on February 18, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

Black vinyl, silk, velvet, fishnets, leather, heavy boots, silver jewelry, more black accessories, and spooky make-up—it all depends on a person’s choice in dress. Quite possibly, clothes have the ability to make people jump to conclusions immediately without even thinking. There can be justification to the way another dresses, people assume or prejudge naturally. In other cases, people may use reference to their own religion in order to determine what may be socially acceptable for the public. I believe that people overlook an individual who dresses in gothic attire; blaming teenage angst for their clothing or how Goths represent Satanism.

Consequently, rules limit people from displaying ‘inappropriate’ clothing in public, in other words, school dress codes is one example. A desire of elaborating oneself can be a necessity to some of us. Clothing tastes play an even more significant role for younger people whether searching for one’s identity, blending in with the latest fashion, or simply feeling comfortable in the public eye. I believe that most of us find that a harmful experience contributes to name calling or dirty stares and more than often, name-calling leads to bullying. If a young student is being discriminated for dressing different because they are dressing ‘goth,’ I believe that closed-mindedness contributes from the negative images portray towards the gothic fashion by the media.

A Goth has been depicted as a bad image by the media in television programs to magazines. Entertainment enjoys mocking those who look like ‘freaks’ or ‘weirdoes’. Often antagonizing the bad guy as a dark character—draping themselves in a black cloak or dwelling in a dark lair, no wonder people assure that black clothing links with villains or criminals. While in reality, bad people are often hard to spot because they look and dress like everyone else. I believe that an individual in gothic attire enjoys gothic rock music, instead of being depressed or involved in a cult.