Tanja - Manchester, Connecticut
Entered on February 18, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I am feeling the cold air, which is passing by. One wind gust, one thought. Wherefrom it comes – I cannot explain. It touches my inside, bland and fade away still in this second, as if it had never existed. This one wind gust brings me memories, a few I would like to forget, but they are forbeared by the nice memories I have. In front of me I can see the horizon, this beautiful skyline, my aspiration. The yearning after happiness. I search after me, there in the distance. Lost, like the stars in the endless horizon.

Happy is anyone, there, at exactly this place, where he could be. Happy is anyone who has the thought of anything he reached of one’s own, all alone. You have it or you don’t have it. You will hold it or lose it any time!

It is so easy and still so difficult at the same time.

The frog, who cannot talk, but I believe in him. A girl pitched in a dark hole. Empty, with despiration – full of the past‘s memories. Down in the past.

A smile of a child. One of the best things that exist. I see it and would do everything to see the child‘s smile again. Happiness combined in two small eyes, which such a nice charisma, so that you can rejoice in it.

Can you describe it? Your feeling. It is like you lying in the grass, doing nothing, just living the one moment that is given to you. Lying on the grass and see how the sun is going down, looking and saying: I am satisfied. You see the sun going down and with it one day, any day, where you have no regrets and which you never would turn back – not for love and money. It is like a person by your side that you love, and you would do everything for this person. It is like jumping in a lake at night, in the dark. A feeling of freedom and satisfaction. It is like lying in the sun and feeling the warmth in your face. A scream after happiness. So, as if you have all, from now to then, during one little second, with your conscience that it were only a simple thing, that made you feeling so good.


Not by material things, things bought by money. Instead, of circumstances on the level of feelings.

One word and it’s so important. It decides who you are and who you aren’t.