I Believe in the Power of Prayer

Carol - Cleveland Hts., Ohio
Entered on February 18, 2009
Age Group: 65+

I Believe in the Power of Prayer

In a large cathedral with a marbleized alter and the glow of candlelight I knelt with my father. The solemn organ music played familiar hymns and we both sang along in Latin. How calm and peaceful I felt. My Dad and I went to church services together often on Fri. nights. There on my knees I learned the power of prayer.

Often, in the morning, when I got up, I would go down to the living room and watch out the window waiting for my Daddy to come home from church.. His love and actions taught me of a loving God


At the age of 9 my father passed away. I was blessed with a beautiful gift. I was so sure that my father was in heaven. To deal with my loss, I sat on the front porch at night remembering our special times. Softly I sang of when Daddy and I went places and did things together.

I sang of the fun we had in the Valley when I walked over the smooth rocks in the cool trickling water, chasing the tiny polliwogs. Often we road to the 2nd ford, and I called out “Hello’’ and heard the echo calling back to me.

These songs were prayers of thanksgiving for the years that I had with my Daddy.

I felt the peace that consoled my loss. This I consider a prayer, not a prayer to my Daddy but a prayer to God in thanksgiving for giving me such a good and loving father.

When I had my heart surgery there were many people praying for me. The surgery was successful and in ICU I was on the gurney and wiggled my toes to let my children know that I was OK. My recovery was fairly easy.

I’ll never forget what my son said to me afterwards,.

“There must be some reason why God saw you through the surgery, Mom.” I now try to share this gift peace to others.

I thank God that my adult children believe in prayer as I do. When their friends need prayers or when they themselves need prayer, they do not hesitate to ask us and often I ask my friends to do likewise. Yes, there are many beliefs that I hold dear to my heart. I think that the most important one in my life now at this time is that God is in charge. This helps me to be grounded in Trust.


A very good friend told me one time that he prayed,

“Let Your Will Be Done In This Situation, Lord.”

I believe that everything happens for a reason and that

God answers prayer even though the answer may not be the one that we prayed for. If my prayers do not turn out as I wish, there may be more lessons for me to learn at these


Carol W. age 68