How proud am I to be an American today?How proud am I to be an American today?

Entered on February 17, 2009
Age Group: 50 - 65

It’s inexplicable. You would have had to be hiding under a rock to not know that yesterday (Tuesday, January 20, 20009) was an incredible day in the States. Whether you are for or against President Obama and his administration it’s a new day for all of us, here in the States and across the globe as well.

As much as people are focusing on Obama being the first African American president, and make no mistake about it, that is an historical moment, I am choosing to focus on what lies behind the color of his skin. I see a man who appears to love his God, his family, and his country including its position in world affairs. I see a man who appears to be brilliant, humble, and cautious; a man who can negotiate, lead and inspire, a man who appears able to think outside the box.

I am proud that President Obama selected not only Rick Warren but also Joseph Lowery to pray at his inauguration, two persons of the cloth with considerably differing opinions on topics of controversy.

I am proud that he selected not only the Queen of Soul herself but also those who can deliver the classics, both of which lift our hearts and souls to heaven in diverse ways.

I am proud that he and Michelle visited and danced at EVERY ball; that he spoke to each crowd in a manner befitting their reason for being there. It was very ‘whosoever will may come’.

Our new President has enormous tasks ahead of him. Too many people will be expecting him to fix everything quickly and perfectly; especially those who were the opposition, those who live in fear instead of hope.

For me, I choose hope. I choose hope instead of fear. I choose it every day. Hope for myself. Hope for my family and friends. Hope for my country and hope for my planet. Hope for my future as well as yours.

Be patient. Give President Obama time. Give him time to live out his vision of inclusion. Be part of his inclusion. I believe that slow and steady wins the day. Pray for our new President. He needs it now more than ever. I’ll be praying with you.