A Blessed Beating

Timothy - Paradise, California
Entered on February 16, 2009
Age Group: 30 - 50

A Blessed Beating…

When I was 20 years old, I was heavy into Speed, Crank, Meth, Whatever you choose to call that rat poison people use to feel more alive. Well I was selling ounces out of my parent’s house in Oregon. I hooked a friend of a friend up with my connection. As it turns out, my connection shorted these buffed out mountain tweekers. Unable to find my connection and filled with rage, they came to my house and dragged me into their cheap ass foreign car. At the speed of light, or so it seemed at the moment we drove out into the boondocks, Just as I get comfortable with the passengers thumb strategically planted into my right eye socket. In no time at all we come to a burned out structure of a long since condemned house. I was yanked out of the car by the neck, like a lion carrying his prey. That’s when it really got fun, repeatedly my face is rushed by their fist, like the doors of your local walmart the day after Christmas. After about five minutes of being they’re punching bag, and only able to match their aggression for the first two minutes of the ruthless beating. They leave me there soaking in a puddle of my own crimson blood. The next day my connection stops by my house and I anxiously explain the kind of night I had. The two big hillbillies came back just in time to have a nine millimeter shoved into their dirt stained faces. My connection explained to them that they can either walk away, or be prepared to start breathing through their foreheads. They left and were never heard from again, and I never dealt Dope again.