This I Believe

B - Napoleon, Ohio
Entered on February 16, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I have learned that practice makes perfect. About a week ago I had a baton competition and did very little practicing a week or two before the competition to prepare myself. Although I knew I should have practiced, I figured I would still do decent since I have been twirling for a very long time. After doing all three of my events and getting the scores, I wished I would have really listened to my mom and practiced. I thought I did well, but after seeing the scores and places that I received, I was down on myself.

Throughout the next week I practiced and went through all my routines almost everyday. When Saturday came around, I had a good feeling that I was going to do very well, or at least better than what I did last weekend at the other competition. When receiving my scores, I was very excited with what I earned. I earned two first places, which were in my military strut and solo, and I received second place in my fancy strut. I had done better than what I did at the last competition. I believe that the more you practice, the better you will get. Both my mom and dad were proud of me, and I was proud of myself for earning the scores I did and for deciding that I should practice more often when it comes time to practicing before competitions.

I never want to go to another baton competition and compete when I hardly practiced before it. I believe that the practice someone puts into something, will eventually pay off. I would much rather practice everyday and go through my routines often to achieve the better scores. If I ever get to advance, I know that the practices are probably going to be a lot more difficult then what they are now. Knowing that the more I practice, the better twirler and performer at my baton competitions is what I will be.

At nationals, which are in July, is the time when I need the most practice. All the practicing that I have done throughout the whole year comes down to how well I am going to do at nationals. Practicing and preparing to go to nationals takes a lot of time. Staying focused is the key in order to catch the tricks, not getting penalized and to achieve success. I have come to conclusion that practicing can definitely make a big impact on how well anyone performs.