Chocolate Milk: Cake Topper

T - Napoleon, Ohio
Entered on February 16, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe chocolate milk tops a good day and makes a bad day better. The delicious taste lightens the heart, and, for a second, brings back a child like sense to a person’s character. One night after a long, tiring swim practice, I was mostly annoyed and frustrated at everything and everyone at my house. Opening up the heavy refrigerator door looking for something to quench my thirst, my eyes fell upon a gallon of chocolate milk my mom had just bought at the store before I got home. My mood and attitude instantly changed. It was like I had seen the best thing in my life. I grabbed the gallon and quickly retrieved a glass. I filled the glass to the brim and enjoyed.

The beverage is versatile and goes well with any meal at any time of day-breakfast, lunch, dinner, and with snacks. I drink each glass slowly to savor each sip and each once of the great tasting drink. While most people choose pop or coffee, I choose chocolate milk as my drink of choice. Most of the people I talk to agree that chocolate milk is awesome, and they like to drink it as well, but I think my love for it is greater than any other persons. Chocolate milk makes me happy. I guess science has found evidence that chocolate releases endorphins in your brain that create happiness, and I think I prove that quit nicely.

When my mom buys chocolate milk at the store and brings it home, a gallon is usually gone by the next night, and it’s usually I who drinks most of it. I can’t get enough. There’s a challenge I heard of called The Gallon Challenge where a person has to drink a gallon of milk in one hour. Most people can’t do it, and I have never tried it, but I think I, with chocolate milk, could achieve The Gallon Challenge.

I’ve heard a saying, “the simple things in life is what its all about.” With a simple glass of chocolate milk, my good days are topped, and my bad days get better. Finding the simple things that make a person happy is a way to stay positive. When I drink chocolate milk when I’m having a bad day, I realize life is not as bad as I think it may be at that moment in time. The simple things, such as chocolate milk, are relaxing and calming.