Laughing Is A Cure To Happiness

L - Napoleon, Ohio
Entered on February 16, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

Laughter is an ironic thing. You can laugh till you cry, laugh till your stomach hurts in pain, or laugh till you can’t breath, which is the opposite of what you think when you laugh. However, the pain you’re in is a good thing. I believe that everyone should have something in their life to make them laugh at least once a day: One thing in their life to lift their hearts and make them lighter. I try to make a point to laugh.

Whether it is laughing with my friends in class about something as simple as my anatomy teacher making a funny face when he thought no one was looking or watching Americas Funniest Home Videos with my family at home, laughing is a part of life that I enjoy to the fullest. It doesn’t have to be anything hilarious, like lung busting laugh out loud till you cry, but you still need to laugh.

Some of the best times are when something happens that wasn’t supposed to. For instance, when I’m having one of those days where nothing is going my way: I’m late to school, I’m having a bad hair day, and my classes aren’t going right. Something as little as a funny story about something that just happened in class can pick me up and turn my day right around. I remember one day in particular when I was having a bad day, I was late to school and didn’t have any of my homework done. I saw my friend in the hallway, and she told me a story about how someone had repeated a statement from a movie in an awkward way in class. To anyone else it would have been completely pointless, and they probably would of thought it was dumb, but to she and I it was hilarious and brought me out of my slump. Laughing puts everyone in a better mood.

The saying laughter is contagious is true. It just spreads to people like wild fire. One time in class, someone just started laughing. It caught on, and eventually the entire back of the class was laughing. No one could stop, and we didn’t even know what we were laughing at.

Laughing is a curious thing: it can make you, cry, and make your body hurt, or make you feel different emotions that all from laughing. Everyone deserves to laugh, especially when in a tough spot. It’s one of the best ways to get through a day and make it better.