I Believe in Ice Cream

Whitney - Florence, South Carolina
Entered on February 15, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I am not going to lie to you; I am a person who loves routine. I get up at the same time every morning and watch the same shows Monday nights; however, I do believe in trying different flavors of ice-cream and applying this philosophy in all aspects of my life.

I adore chocolate ice cream in its unadulterated pure form; with no trimmings or additions. I enjoyed this dessert every evening after field hockey practice for two months, until fate decimated my routine. I depressed the lever and the slightly runny ice cream squelched into my bowl, but something was wrong. I noticed an unfamiliar odor but persisted in my routine and upon sitting down dug into my dessert. I stopped with a mouthful of not chocolate but chocolate raspberry. The cafeteria replaced the flavor I enjoyed nightly with something new.

As I mentioned before I am a person of routine so even this slight change perturbed me a little and I returned the next night to find that the imposter dessert dared to remain in the machine. This time I added some chocolate candy toppings to the ice cream (hoping to drown out the raspberry) and a thought occurred. The problem was not that I disliked the new flavor; the problem was the flavor was new. I reflected as I continued to eat the offending ice cream and realized I preferred the new flavor. I was so stuck in my routine I was not open to new experiences, even when it came to something as trivial as a nightly dessert (one I should probably be passing on anyway).

I vowed to turn over a new leaf, I would seek out new flavors of ice cream and as I enjoyed this little adventure I decided this was a philosophy that needed extended. I now take classes outside my major, start hobbies I know nothing about, and even date different types of people. I relish each new “flavor” a try and as I learn more about different subjects and people I learn more about myself.

I still settle into a routine with these new experiences and find favorite “flavors” and types (especially when it comes to men) but I encourage experimentation in currently familiar and stagnant areas of your life. So even though chocolate ice cream remains my favorite dessert (raspberry was just a fad) I believe in eating different flavors of ice cream because this practice taught me to never reject someone or something because they are different or unfamiliar.