I Believe Animals Tell Me the Truth

carrie - barrington, Rhode Island
Entered on February 15, 2009
Age Group: 50 - 65


I believe the warm liquid eyes of my horse

I believe the playful swoops of birds in flight

I believe the soft cat paw on my cheek

I believe the hot son strengthens my bones

And the salty ocean heals my wounds

I believe the spirit of animal and nature

Has everything to teach me.

To tend to the small and large at my mercy.

I believe in the sob from the depths of my being

When an animal friend must leave this earth

Where there is no need for sun or ocean

Where they await, or maybe they return

I believe that before I knew that I know

I learned of compassion, joy, comfort, loyalty, and soul

From my animal friends and the earth that is their mother.

I believe animals cannot lie or betray, or degrade.

I believe when I look into the eyes of my beloved animal friends

I am humbled, and I desire to live this human life in goodness.

I believe Truth is found in innocent, wordless places.