The American Dream of Helping Others

Taryn - Bothell, Washington
Entered on February 14, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe not only should each individual be able to pursue his or her own dream, I believe we should help others to attain their dreams as well. The great thing about America is that each of us is entitled to make something of ourselves. However, I think we can get a little too concerned about our lives and forget about those around us. One important person in my life is my coach and trainer. Although he has many of his own dreams and ambitions, he has helped me pursue my dreams in so many ways.

I work with horses in the discipline of dressage. At my work, everyone works together as a team. My trainer and I do not keep track of how many hours we help each other out; although, I have to admit he has probably helped me out way more than I have been able to help him. He is willing to travel across the country in order help me at a competition. He’s not only losing time, but also the money he could be making at home. The amazing thing is that he does not expect much from me in return. He is paid back not in monetary means, but simply for the fact that he is helping to fulfill my dreams.

With my trainer’s help, I have accomplished things beyond my belief. I have been able to work with the U.S. Olympic Team dressage coach, as well as become one of the top junior riders in the nation. None of this would have been possible without my trainer. This is what I want to emphasize about the American dream: that each of us should go after our own dreams, but also help others in their pursuit. My trainer was mentored by his trainer, and I think he is passing on this thinking to me. Reaching a dream on your own, with no one to share it with, is not worth it.

I have not been able to help my trainer out to the extent that he has helped me, but I do all that I can. This may include working twelve hour days, and usually means working seven days a week. However, it is all worth it. My trainer helps me, so the least I can do is help out so he can get a little closer to his dreams.

Our dreams may be simple or complex. They may differ in so many ways. What I think is important to remember is that the American dream is more than wanting something for yourself. It is about wanting others to fulfill their dreams as well. Hopefully, this includes helping others reach their goals and ambitions. I am able to see this belief everyday at work. I only wish I could give as much to my trainer as he has given to me, but this only makes me want to help others achieve their dreams.