What am I?

nelson - seal beach, California
Entered on February 12, 2009
Age Group: 50 - 65

What Am I?

Am I this physical body and mind endowed with features of gender, ethnicity, religion, politics, nationality, intelligence, and economic status?

Are we too closely identified and connected to this physical body?

If so, then we have a life span of a century or so and then we decay into nothingness.

If life is more than this, then we are part of something greater.

Perhaps this physical body has developed as a physical state of something greater. We cannot comprehend this entity any more than the pot can comprehend the potter. In fact, much of what we observe is illusion.

This would mean that there is just one existence, and we, all mankind and nature, are one in this existence. We are all brothers and sisters in spirit, not figuratively but actually. We are one world, and until we realize this we will not succeed in self realization, understanding, economics or purpose.

Since we are all one with this spirit, all that is required is that we become still and receptive and listen to the quiet voice.