whats possible

alexia - USA
Entered on February 12, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: work

With hard work, dedication and perseverance anything is possible. I believe that a strong will can open doors for the unthinkable to happen. In this world, human beings have had the courage to do what have been seen to be not achievable. Going to space, integration, and black president just to name a few. All these events at some point in history was not thought of—and if thought about, was just that; a thought. People have build up the will to actually make these things come true.

Just last night I watched as a six year old little girl, Ruby enter a school were her kind was not accepted causing every child to leave because their parents would not have their children learn in the same environment as a colored child. She had the school to herself for almost the whole school year. And even though each morning as ruby walked the path to education she was threaten and spit on this did not break her or her mother. Their dedication and perseverance got Ruby through the school year and this would change the face of her new school forever. The white children eventually returned to school and eventually accepted Ruby for what she was, a child like them.

In these changing times civil rights documentaries, non-fiction movies like this one and president Barack Obama’s speeches strengthens and supports my believe that we all can become anything we want and can believe in any thing we want if we are dedicated and determined despite of obstacles that may interfere during that process.

So as you can see what maybe hard is never impossible, on the journey of life nothing is easy because if it was we would not appreciate anything that we work for. For most people the difficulties in the journey not only allow us to appreciate but also respect what is worked for. To experience the joy of accomplishment is a rewarding feeling.