i believe in energy

christina - GOODLAND, Florida
Entered on February 12, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in the energy existing between us all. I believe in art, but my definition ends there. I beileve in living for something that cannot be defined. I believe in feeling, everything. I have a strong urge to self satisfy, not with material possessions but with intellect, art, feeling. I want to be mentally satisfied. I believe this mental satisfaction is a state that can be obtained and kept. I believe in the insignifcantly small. I do not beileve in individuals. I believe humans to be the same and I believe prefrences of color, food, smell, or material posessions to be arbitrary. I believe your thoughts, are very important. I believe your precievings to be very important. I believe the body is like an instrument, something that needs to be tuned. I believe meditation to help, greatly. I believe this because I can feel it, I know all this to exist. I believe in being mentally open to everything, and I believe this very strongly. I believe in knowing yourself, and knowing yourself well. I believe in alone time. Whatever the course, the state or the preception that happened to bring me to these conclusions was of divinely inspired insanity. I believe in being a child. I believe there’s something about being in the middle of the woods, and sitting against the cheek of god. I believe in reaching great climaxes and hearing the wind. I believe in forgetting time, if you have the chance. I believe all this is something that is known by us all, underneath it all. I believe everyone should have the opportunity to find these things, and even if they are not found it believe the opportunity to be the most important. I believe I have room for improvement and I want to do my best to fill the void.