Derrick - Portsmouth, Ohio
Entered on February 12, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: sports

This I Believe: Basketball I believe is the most exciting sport in the world, simply because when I am playing a game and have the ball in my hands, I love driving to the hoop and making a difficult shot or sometimes even dunking. That is an experience that is overwhelming to me. People are watching and cheering for your team and you to win or just for you to have a good game and have fun. The feeling when your on the court and a big group of supporters and spectators are there just to watch you and your team do the one thing that truly makes you happy “playing basketball”. Personally it doesn’t matter to me if there are any people watching or not, if there is a basketball and a hoop I have it made. The ball court is a course where I spend most if not all of my time. Practicing over and over, always working to be the best I can be. A lot of people think that if you think about doing it, it will happen eventually, but that isn’t true you have to work every day of your life to be good. Some people believe that if you lift weights you will get in better shape for basketball and that is only if you are a forward or a big man, the best way to get in shape for basketball, in my opinion, is to just flat out run your but off, long distances mostly and some sprints. The only problem with running is that it is apparently too hard for people these days because you actually have to move or do something. In my experience with running to keep in shape it increased my stamina, my speed of course, and my vertical leap. Also many people believe that you have to be tall to be a good dunker or basketball player, not true at all, I am 5’11” in height and I can slam a men’s basketball. Spud Webb a 5’7” former professional basketball player in the NBA for the Atlanta Hawks, was a slam dunk champion.

My life doesn’t just revolve around basketball, but basketball does have a very big roll in my life, simply because it keeps me in tip top shape, and it is just freaking fun to play. So if don’t or haven’t played basketball, pick one up and play a little, you may like it.