Undeserving Fate.

Kelli - Twp. of Washington, New Jersey
Entered on February 12, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: setbacks

I do not necessarily believe in karma, but I believe that bad things can happen to good people, without reason or meaning to.

This past January I was involved in a car accident. Nothing terrible; nothing too drastic, but it opened my eyes. I may have not been physically injured, but mentally I was transformed. In some particular way I was different; I realized that life does not always follow the same plan as you do. Nothing is easy, and you have to work to achieve what you desire. If you fall down you need to get back up again, because if no one is around to assist you, no one is going to help you up.

During the incident I was stopped at a red light, going to make a left as I was heading to my boyfriend’s house. As the light changed, the car in front of me quickly made the left, but as I followed behind my car collided with another. Should I have yielded? Maybe. But the car coming forward could have seen me coming too. I do not blame myself or the car involved in the accident, because there is nothing to blame. Both of us could not have prevented it from happening.

The Kent State shootings are another prime example of a terrible occurrence. On May 4, 1970, four college students, two of them not having been involved, were shot dead by the National Guard. Although most of the students had been protesting at the time, did they really deserve such a wicked fate? Tragedies, such as this, are an unpredictable fate.

What I believe may not include a “happy ending,” like at the end of a Walt Disney movie, but it is realistic. I had done nothing wrong the night of my car accident, and yet I was involved.

To this day I wish I knew why it happened, or furthermore, why it happened to me. Maybe my mother’s idea of the “black cloud,” of bad luck that follows her around, follows me too. It could have just been a terrible case of bad luck.

Although, I do not think that bad luck follows people around like a “black cloud.” I do not think that there will ever be reasons to why devastating circumstances occur. I do not think that we are meant to know why or how. No one can question everything, nor can anyone make up answers. Bad things can happen to good people, without reason or meaning to, just because they can.