Never talk about Politics and Religion

Sarah - Gresham, Oregon
Entered on February 11, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe the one thing you should never talk about with friends, no matter how much you know them, is politic and religion. It just leads to arguments, and then hurt feelings. I know first hand. My Parents and my Friend Jacob’s Parents are really good friends. But my dad and his mom always get into arguments over religion and it drives me absolutely crazy. Religion and politics are both very touchy subjects. In both people believe very strongly and have tough opinions to compromise with. Politics are also dangerous to talk about because you would get into and argument about our leaders and if they are running the country appropriately. It just leads to an argument, which is never good if you want to avoid conflict with your friends. When having a friendship, you want to keep it forever. So don’t talk about Religion and Politics if your’ smart.

I had a very awkward conversation with two of my friends. I will not name their names, but I wish I could go back on it. I can’t quite remember how the conversation started but before I knew it, one of my friends was asking the other one if they really believed in God. Friend number two paused and responded and starting talk about evolution. This obviously made friend number one very upset. I could tell the conversation was very tense, so I tried changing the subject. Nobody listened.

Ever since that conversation between those two people, they don’t act the same around each other. Both have come up to me talking about how the other person is wrong and made them feel bad. I wish I could go back and re-direct the conversation away from how it started.

Another example is my dad and my friend’s mom. (The people I mentioned earlier.) My dad is a very logical science guy. Though he was raised as a Presbyterian and went to church every Sunday, he believes more in the theory of evolution. While Jacob’s mom is a very involved Christian who thinks that anybody who doesn’t believe on God will automatically go to hell. So these to get into arguments sometimes and they’re pretty bad.

That’s why you should never even bring it up. Don’t even think about it