Pit Bulls are nice, it’s all the owner’s fault!

Jordan - Gresham, Oregon
Entered on February 11, 2009
Age Group: 65+

This I Believe…

I believe that pit bulls are not vicious dogs; it is the owner and trainer, not the breed. There is not a breed of dog where every dog of that breed if vicious. Just like people, every dog is different. Some people are mean, other are sweet. Dogs are the same.

The reason that a lot of pit bulls attack people is because of the trainer. Pit bulls are very strong dogs, so people train them to fight. Dogs love to obey their owners, so if their owner wants it to be vicious, it will be vicious. It is all the owner’s fault!

My older sister Courtney and I have a cute little pit bull named Abby. She is a runt and is white with brown spots on her skin. She is the sweetest thing ever! She is very gentile, I couldn’t picture her attacking anyone, ever! My sister’s friend, Bailey, also has a pit bull. Her name is Faith. Faith is far from vicious; she is a scaredy cat, except she is a dog, not a cat. She is afraid of her own shadow. Some vicious pit bull huh?

Some people think that their dogs are bad, but it is the owner’s fault. Like I said before, dogs love to please their owners, so if you train your dog to be good, the dog will be good. If you train your dog to fight and attack, like in dog fight competitions, then your dog will attack, maybe even a person, or another dog.