This I believe in Atheism

Jesse - oregon/gresham/97080, Oregon
Entered on February 11, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: atheism

I believe

I believe in atheism. Believing in atheism makes life much easier. When you do not believe in god you don’t have to constantly watch out and not make mistakes the after words have to seek forgiveness f. When your atheist all you have to do is make sure you do it first the right time. When your an atheist things that happen in your life happen there is no one to look to there is no one to fix any problems that may occur in your life.

I got diagnosed with diabetes when I was only five years old. My parents said it was my fault. I even at the age of five years old I asked my parents whose fault it was and they changed the subject instantly. Then I let it sink in and I found the one thing and person everyone could blame, god. I started to blame him for years on years, minutes on minutes. Then one day I had a revelation and I questioned if he was real. If he was real why would he let everything horrible in the world happen? Why would he let all of the tragedies that happen? Does he enjoy our suffering does he like to watch our pain? I think he does if he truly is real.

That was the day I stopped believing that he was real. That was the day I knew he was not real. That became the starting point of my life that I started thinking that if something happened only you can fix it. You can’t just wait for someone to swoop in and fix all of your problems. You can only rely on yourself. You can only depend on yourself. Now everyday of my life I do not pray to “god” or “jesus”. I only pray to myself. I pray to myself because I’m my only god. I’m the only person I can trust and count on when it really counts. And whatever happens that will always be my philosophy and nothing shall shake my thought on the world.