Akila - Louisville, Kentucky
Entered on February 11, 2009
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: humility

I believe that humility is the greatest virtue and if I practice even to the slightest degree, it would take me closer to the ultimate truth and purpose of life.

Being humble makes me a good listener because I am not vying for the opportunity to put my two cents worth in a conversation.

I am better learner since I can handle a teacher’s criticism. I am not very set in my ways, so I can adapt new methods.

When I achieve my goals, instead of patting myself and relaxing, I pass the credit to those who helped. And I aim higher.

Finally, humility stays my ego, by which I can prevent a lot of anger and envy.

In these times of modern outlook, and unrest, ego and self-esteem are confused with each other. They are hailed as pillars of capitalism. To many humility is a puritan virtue. It seems criminal to give up recognition for our achievements. I have to remind myself often that people are always appreciative, in fact, overly so. Do I have the humility to take only what I deserve?

It is a work in progress. There have been instances, upon reflection I have found myself not at all humble. Sometimes it takes a moment to realize egoist behavior, sometimes days and at other times even years. I have found that it is harder when monitory value is added to your worth and I am expected to flaunt my abilities. I struggle to keep a balance between both. I am sure to be able to maintain better equilibrium as I grow older and hopefully, wiser too.

I believe in humility and that is a beginning.