What I Love About Sunday: Doing Nothing

Brandi - St. Joseph, Missouri
Entered on February 10, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe the old belief that Sunday is the day of rest. No one should have to work, shouldn’t have to cook, shouldn’t have to clean, sew, anything! Almost every store should be closed. I can’t think of any that would be an acceptation to this rule, besides a pharmacy maybe.

With everyone’s hectic lives, running around trying to make ends meet every day (which I know is difficult these days.) I believe we should all come back to the days where we can slow it down a little bit once a week. While I believe this because Sunday is the day of God, I understand that not everyone believes the same as I do. It doesn’t really have to be a religious thing, just take a break for awhile.

To me, Sunday is so relaxing. It seems so much sunnier and the very air is calming and soothing. My brain shuts down entirely taking a break by itself, and no matter how hard I try even to do last minute schoolwork, I simply cannot think. And granted, I myself have worked several Sundays; it just feels wrong.

So lets just stop and not think for a minute.

Every Sunday.