Everything is Terrible but that’s ok

Marissa - Saint Joseph, Missouri
Entered on February 10, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I have a lot of theories on life but the one philosophy I live my life everyday is: When everything is going wrong the ice cream falls off the cone, just smile you can do nothing else.

Control is an illusion. Control does not exist.

You can pretend all you want that you have control when really we don’t have control over even the simplest things like keeping the ice cream on the cone. You can try hard to make things work, but life without a doubt will always find a way to show you that all you think you have a hold on is really completely out of your hands.

What do you do about the lack of control and the constant state of chaos? Nothing! There is nothing you can do to regain order. People will try their whole lives to find order, when in all actuality it is just like chasing a rainbow. You can search for days and get nowhere. You can put the ice cream back on the cone but it won’t taste as good.

You can waste years trying to find a glimpse of order and never find it or you can simply accept the fact that you have no control and just move on. Life will give you troubles every single day without fail. If you spend time worrying over every little thing you will never get anywhere. So when you’re walking and soon enough all you have left is the cone, keep walking and take one big bite out of all you have left.