……and her name was Caroline

Lana - Jacksonville, Arkansas
Entered on February 10, 2009
Age Group: 30 - 50

It was May 27,1985,I gave birth to my first born daughter Caroline.I had my wish granted and I was somebody.The doctors told us that she would be proundly retarded,and unable to walk or speak.I was sad for a moment,then I realized that I was blessed to have her.As the doctors were still speaking,I started reflected back to grade school.The children In my class would have to wait In line while the special education students filed out of their classroom.My heart sank as my fellow students made fun of them.Mad at myself for not standing up and speaking out In defense of the disabled children.I would wait until the school day was over to run out and get In the car with my mother.Atlast,I would burst into tears,as my mom was asking me what had happened.Unable to tell my mother,we drove home.This went on for years.My mother never knew why.Now I can hear the doctors telling us what Caroline wouldn’t be able to do.I smiled at my beautiful daughter Caroline and knew I was given a disabled daughter to make up for all the pain I had In grade school.My daughter has taught me more than I could have ever been able to teach her.Destiny,This I Believe