I believe that parents should act their age

stephanie - la grange park, Illinois
Entered on February 10, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

Sometimes it’s cool when parents never make you come home or call to see where you’re at. However, it’s not so cool when they have friends who are all in their twenties or will no get off the computer so you can type a paper, because they’re too busy talking to their friends online. Sadly that is how my parents are.

When I get home from school I am usually really stressed because I have a lot of homework. So I get home one day and had so much homework to do. I started my homework and I wanted to get everything finished, but I hear my mom yelling at me. I go downstairs to see what the problem is, and she is sitting less than ten feet from the door telling me that my dogs are barking and to bring them in. I asked her why she couldn’t get up and she just yelled some more and made no sense. Then my parents were both making fun of me saying that I’m always right, mocking me and that I can never be wrong. I usually try to not let them get to me because, it feels like they just like tearing me down. I couldn’t take it this time so I started crying and walked into the other room. My dad then starts yelling at me to take out the trash. As I’m walking to the garage, my dad see’s me crying and starts laughing. I looked at him in shock, and as I asked him, “Why do you laugh at me when I cry?” and as he tried to say, I don’t laugh at you when you cry, he burst out laughing.

To me this shows carelessness. Some kids are usually always complaining about how their parents are too over protected, but in reality they have no idea how lucky they are to know that their parents really care that much about them. This is why I believe parents should act their age.