I believe in real truth.

James - Austin, Texas
Entered on February 10, 2009
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: integrity

I believe I know nothing, is a good starting point. All my life I have been confused. As the youngest of three children, my two older sisters would corral me into this or that. An Irish-American father cornered me into Catholicism, for which I felt nothing. And my Mexican mother would speak to me in the command form of Spanish, to which I would reply in English. Entering college at age 17 , I was a lab rat with no direction, and no understanding of the importance of educaction.. I moved on. One thing I do believe is that living in America is a series of transparent games. Some people call it etiquette, the law, responsibility, or life. Nobody ever says what they mean, nor do they focus on priorities. Understanding this is essential for survival. When you tell a person something logical and true, but unacceptable by the common people, they seem to act stunned. They make you question your own reality. You must be careful who you associate with because like Jack Nicholson says in Easy Rider, “seeing people who are free makes people scared — but not running scared.” Freedom of thought may make you a target for persecution. Thankfully, once you can speak clearly and thoughtfully, you become righteous. People will look to you for a breath of fresh air. You won’t find yourself saying, “like, uhhhh, basically, like I said, uhhh actually, know what I’m saying?” There is no need for this garbage discourse. I believe this is my path to freedom. I believe we can all speak the truth, education will flourish, and a glorious Renaissance can begin.