Paranoia can only last for so long.

Matthew - La Grange, Illinois
Entered on February 9, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: respect

Paranoia can only last for so long

I believe, that America’s post 9-11 paranoia era needs to come to a stop. I am tired of people judging others for not thinking the same way they do, and feeling threatened by it. Those feelings not only spread in a political and religious sense, but also in our everyday life. It feels like we are back in the cold-war era. The neo-McCarthyism ideals used today do not show the U.S. as a country trying to get it’s life back together. We finally have a president that had the power to bring our nation together, at a time that nobody thought it could be. Everybody thought that americans were so conceded and ridged in their ideals that voting a black man into office was inconceivable, whether eight or even eighty years ago. The Bush administration left everybody thinking that anybody that didn’t sound like us or think like us was wrong and a threat to our way of life. I had a family friend be mistaken for a muslim two days after 9-11 as he was trying to board a plane and he was taken aside for questioning and not allowed on his flight. The man was really mexican. Also, these ideas do not only spread to the muslim community, many latino citizens are accused of being illegal immigrants which makes the american public angry because they think that they are stealing jobs from hard working americans. Illegal immigrants are actually the only ones willing to do the jobs which the so-called “hard working americans” do not wish to do. Our paranoia has also made this generation an extremely lazy, and never taking responsibilty for our own actions. It’s led us to two wars, one which had no real reason and the other which is almost a lost cause. People are dying because of the old administrations mistakes which they deny ever happen. Why werent we out of Iraq after president Bush said that the mission was accomplished over there? Many american lives have been lost because one idiot couldn’t think for himself and man up to the challenge which was presented to him. America, you have a chance to rebuild yourself to the positive nation you once were, where people trusted one another and did not worry about how one worshiped or how one conducted their everyday life. I believe in loving thy neighbor.