Norman - Denton, Nebraska
Entered on February 9, 2009
Age Group: 65+


I believe the unseen One who speaks from “The Burning Bush”. The name, “YahWeh” (=“ I AM WHO I AM”), is a Hebrew verb, imperfect tense (uncompleted action), from which I infer a meaning of eternity.

He (not limited to masculinity) is One Who condescends to speak to my humanity. The message connotes a call to meaning to someone who has lost his way. Purpose, dimension, and meaning are conveyed.

The message is intended for all humanity. But only those who dare to let down their defenses and open themselves to vulnerability can hear.

The message elicits resistance and in many circumstances hostility. It challenges presumptions. But it gives new meaning and purpose to hearers.

The relaying of this message to whomever is willing to hear is my mission and purpose.