Changing Education and Healthcare

Jean - Doyle, California
Entered on February 9, 2009
Age Group: 65+

I am a retired teacher, now nearly 80 years old. Over the years I have taught art and creativity to all grades. I believe that the educational system and the healthcare system need to start with a very different foundation.

The pharmaceutical companies have dominated healthcare, psychiatry, and now they have used their propaganca to control students in the classroom.

One of the most important purposes of education is to put all children in complete possession of their abilities and talents. To date, those abilities and talents have been defined without reference to the autonomic nervous system. Biological feedback and neurofeedback introduced into the school curriculum, can bring an understanding and control of the nervous system to children before they become habituated to unhealthy reactions to the stresses in their educational environments. And we all know that most classrooms, as they are structured today are extremely stressful, not only for the student, but for the teachers, as well.

Decades of research in the medical use of biofeedback have established the viability and health benefits of stress management. The “medical model” of biofeedback has worked well to alleviate health problems for those already caught in the habits of stress. Now it is time to introduce the “self-discovery model” to each child. Consider the economic savings in health care for adults if they had learned to manage stress early in life. The focus would be on energy medicine rather than allopathic medicine.

Biofeedback has also been proved helpful for ADHD patients to extend their ability to focus attention. Focus of attention is the key to intelligence. When learned early enough, it can be instrumental in increasing the student’s intelligence.

I have taught biofeedback to students from age 10 to 20, and I know it can work in a classroom setting. Along with biofeedback, students also can learn about the different frequencies of the electromagnetic specturm, and see just where the frequencies of their own brainwaves, heart beats and muscle activity fit into the energy of the Sun and planet. We are all connected in energy, and students experience the changes in their own nervous system caused by harsh or friendly language.

After I had initiated biofeedback classes in 1974, my sister Marge King (1921-2000) established the “Self-discovery Model” of science so each child finds his/her own interactions between mind and body, and therefore, the power of his/her own multidimensional consciousness, which can produce a more efficient intellectual attention and more stability in the emotional environment of the classroom.

By the time these ten-year-olds have grown a few years, it will be apparent that they will have learned to take responsibility for their own ordinary health care. Of course we still need good doctors if the kid breaks a leg, but s/he will be able to focus more on the mental attitude of healting. This should save the government much money. Turning healthcare over to the insurance companies is a very bad idea.