This i believe

Brittany - austin texas 78753, Texas
Entered on February 9, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

This I believe

I believe in family. Family will always be there for you when you’re up or down, when you need someone to talk to about your problems. Problems in any category big or small, Family will support you. I remember when I was very sick in the month of December. My dad had the flu and passed it down to me. I needed someone to be there for me, to sooth and comfort me, To hold me and ask if I need anything. My mom makes this really good chicken soup that soothed my sore throat as the warm noodles went down. Over the counter medicine that my mom spends a lot of money on made me feel like I was very important person in her life.

When you’re in the hospital and you get all these visits even from people you never seen before. Cousins that you have not seen in forever drop by and see if you’re okay. When you wake up from your nap and see all the get well balloons and big fluffy teddy bears around the floor of your bed. Knowing not everyone gets this kind of attention when there sick made me feel like family will always be there for you. Family makes you feel like great, makes you feel like you always have someone to go to.

Family reunions are always the funniest. That’s when the whole family comes together and you have a good time playing fun games such as dance competitions and bored games. There would be lots of food choices to choose from. I remember my aunt always made her apple pie that I love so much just for me. Knowing if I didn’t like her apple pie she would have never even made it for the reunion in the first place, had a strong effect on me. She made me feel so special because of it. When its time to eat we always get together and say a family prayer, sometimes I would even lead the prayer feeling all nerves inside from all the faces I’m not really use to seeing. I could see through the crack of my eyes while I was praying my little cousins sneaking there hands in the foods, acting as if they where really sneaky. Sometimes I would just raise the tone of the prayer just so they would stop messing with the food.

Family keeps you laughing; they make you laugh even if what they said is not all that funny. It could just be from they way they looked when they said it. Or the way they started laughing after there unfunny joke. Family could sometimes be embarrassing. Like when your mom tries to jump in the conversation and say something funny about your childhood. They would be thoughts that you really didn’t want going through their heads because they would look at you differently.

Family will be there for you when you feeling nerves and need someone to calm you down, make you laugh at little things so you could forget about whatever you was nerves about. Like when you have a big basketball game, you feel all nerves inside so your mom or dad come and give you some good advice why you shouldn’t be nerves. Knowing them self’s if they had a big game they would be as nerves as you were. That’s what family is for and that’s what I believe.