I Believe a Pencil Makes all the Differemce

Brett - La Grange, Illinois
Entered on February 9, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

So many people around here take what we have for granted yet the little things are what make everyday life possible. Try going to school, getting your driver’s license, doing homework, making a grocery list, sketching nature, or completing a sudoku without a pencil. A pen or a marker or a crayon may work, but good luck erasing or filling in a scantron. And when it comes to taking the ACT you may have trouble getting into the college of your choice without your trusted #2 pencil at your side.

I can remember kindergarten. With my empty folder, box of markers, and trusted glue sticks all tucked neatly inside my big girl pink backpack. I was all ready to go. I sat down at the table with my backpack all hung up. My confidence was sky high and and I was revved to get started. Mrs. C and Mrs. C had everyone else sit down to begin the assignment. “Take out a pencil and write your name on your paper, we will be making name tags today…” I searched all through my backpack but could only find a box of markers and some glue sticks. The first day of kindergarten. I didn’t have a pencil, I couldn’t participate, and I really wanted to go home. What I would have done for a pencil right then.

The luxury of a pencil is one few take time to praise. Thursday, 10th period Geometry. I was sitting at my desk in the back of the room and could visibly see at least five sad looking pencils laying on the ground. Wednesday, 5/6 Health, sitting in the back of the class once again, I could see three pencils and one pen on the floor. Why is this? Why do so many people mistreat their pencils that have done so much for them. In middle school the boys would have contests of who could snap more pencils at one time. Looking back, I now realize that this game that was meant to show off was truly disrespectful. Not everyone has the luxury of a pencil. Learn to appreciate your pencil but not just that. Realize that life can not go on without the simple things that so many of us refuse to acknowledge. A pencil. A companion. A life saver.