Boxing Air

Gary - Jacksonville, Florida
Entered on February 9, 2009
Age Group: 30 - 50

I believe in the power of imagination and how it can make our lives more fulfilled. There were times when I used my imagination to help me overcome obstacles both seen and unseen. I sometimes didn’t even know that I was using my imagination. As a child, young adult, or middle aged old person, I have constantly used it to help me in daily life. I also have found that when I am using my imagination it is when I am the happiest, because I can use it in any situation.

When I was young I had a very vivid imagination. I could sit and play for hours without any toys. I could make up games inside my head that no one could ever play, and I never needed anything else to play. I can remember playing with my sister and I playing in a cardboard box and turning it into a rocket-ship, fort and of course a castle. We would imagine tht we could go into a closet and our older sisters could turn us into anything, anyone or we could go anywhere.

As I got older Idid’nt that I was slowly losing my imagination. I could remember playing in a box of air. But when I looked to find it, it was not there. I looked all around until I was a teen. When I became grown I stopped looking, because I forgot what I was looking for.

When I was a young adult I got carried along a path like most of us do. I no longer thatought of my ” box of air”. I just went through life like nothing was wrong. I worked and played like everyone else, but something was missing. If I would have known what it was I would have started looking again. But of course I didn’t start looking again, because I assumed that I was complete. But I was not complete without my “box of air”.

One day While I was watching my children play, I saw something in the corner. I did’nt know what it was but it looked familiar. I walked to ther codrner and I saw an empty space. So I sat down and played with my children for a while. Then I realized they had my box of air. I was not jealous I wasn’t mad, because I came to see I swear, they were kind enough to save it until they saw me there. I wondered about all the times I had looked for it and I didn’t know that it was always around. Then I looked in the toy box and underneath the bed. But I could not find it anywhere it was deep inside my head. Lately I have come to crazy realization; my box of air was always there my own imagination.