herd work

billy - weidman, Michigan
Entered on February 9, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: work

I believe that hard work is a must in order to get anything done right and on time. Everyone has his own definition of hard work. I think that it means just give all you have and don’t slack. This is what I was taught by my dad.

He said “You do this and you will be the best at what you want to be.” As far as I can tell he has been right. You don’t see anyone that is trying to be the best at a sport just sitting around doing nothing. They work hard to get where they are. One example is professional football – they give it their all because they know in order to make it to the Super Bowl or the hall of fame they will have to be the best of the best, and they do that by working hard. What he has told me is why I am able to go to school and still have a job because I make up the time I missed by working hard and never giving up.

Working hard allows me to keep my job and be one of the best people that work there even if I work half the time the rest of them do. For example, I do what needs to be done and get it done before anyone else because I don’t complain if it is the worst job there. I show up early most of the time and go to work right away. I also would have to say this is why I am one of the only people still working at my job. Hard work has allowed a lot of people to succeed and become someone.

This guy came to my school to talk about hard work. He owned a big restaurant and said that the only reason his restaurant is so big because all of his workers work hard and they never stop trying. He said that people always come back because of how they are treated and how they never have to wait for someone to get to them because his workers are always on the move from one table to another. That is why I believe this.