Do Not Judge a Person by There Appearance

Lori - covington, Louisiana
Entered on February 8, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

Do Not Judge a Person by there Appearance

Everyone has heard the saying “Never judge a book by its cover.” Well, that certainly is true when applied to everyday life. Most of us tend to look at one’s external appearance and draw a short conclusion on their character when we first observe them.

Being in school, this always happens. No matter if a person has the sweetest personality, if his or her appearance is not good people judge them on only that fact. There have been many circumstances I have run into when someone is judging another person. In third grade there was this girl named Candi. She was the sweetest girl in my class, but because she had red hair she got made fun of by other students. We all sat in alphabetical order so the teacher could learn our names. It happened to be I was the girl sitting next to her. I always felt bad for her and tried being her friend, but she always thought I was just being sarcastic and did not really want to be her friend. I tried many times walking up to her and start a conversation, but she never wanted to talk back. I also tried playing with her a recess, but she just stood there not saying anything. As years went on the same thing always happened. New people would be in her class, and she still always got made fun of. Finally, she was sick of it and ran out the class crying and never came back. The next few weeks went on and still she did not appear in class. Our teacher told us she was going to be home taught. Everyone realized that because of their attitude towards her she was never going to go to school and have the experience that they had. This made everyone think twice about saying something to someone before knowing their personality.

People are judged on many factors, their outer appearance, their color, their religion, and their viewpoints. When we look at these factors and judge a person solely on them we can affect future generations. These prejudices can be passed on to our children with many harmful effects. Children often adapt the beliefs of those around them. So it is important to us, as adults to be careful about what we say or do in front of children. Being judgmental has many negative affects. If we judge the beliefs of family, friends and neighbors without really getting to know them we are being unfair. We must develop our own set of standards, to reject negative and unfair influences around us, and to avoid making assumptions.

Beautiful people have their own share of problems. They are not prefect. Average people often shy away from skinny beautiful people because they think they could never be friends with them. Women especially have to live up to certain standards of beauty in order to fit in with the rest of the society. When I pick up a magazine every woman I see has a model look body. They usually have on the best looking cloths and the best looking guy along with her. When reading the magazines and watching the movies this could create poor self esteem. Everyone needs to realize any one can accomplish great things. No one has to have a good appearance to accomplish things in life. The only thing to learn from this is to recognize what is inside when judging others unfairly. People should try to be nice to everyone and watch their reactions to others.

I believe the real issue is people need to learn more about caring for themselves. People can not let any one put limitations on them or let anyone define them like Candi did. They need to define themselves. If someone thinks something about someone else that is not true; do not believe them. Do not allow them to make a person upset about something false. Also give that “out of the ordinary” person a chance. Beauty goes deeper than just what is on the outer surface. If people do not try to give there peers a chance they are limiting themselves and lessening their chance to making new friends, which could make their life more fun and interesting. Just think how it would be not having any friends. Only external appearance can not make a person. A person with a bad appearance can be a great person. All people are born equal regardless of our outer appearance. Which means all people should create a positive judgment when judging the external and internal features of a person accurately.