Beauty and the Mind

Kristen - USA
Entered on February 8, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

Beauty and the Mind

Listening. Watching. Observing…From the peace and serenity of my lake house, I believe in the connection between natural beauty and one’s own personal thoughts. Walking down the sea of grass, passing through the cluster of trees, I reflected upon the timeline of my life. I paused as wind rustled the trees’ leaves and whipped my hair across my face; I remember the past hardships I have overcome.

Like the other billions of people in the world, life has taken its toll on me; but that day when I was standing on the pier staring into the flowing water, I knew my mind would defeat the pain. That beautiful scene before me let tranquility surge through my veins as each ripple in the blue-green water erased each remnant of the one before. Suddenly, a flicker of movement caught my eye as a graceful deer grazed across the small lake; the small animal symbolized how change is always around the corner, many times unexpected. I realized change can be beautiful and welcoming if one attempts to accept the difference.

Returning to the deck overlooking acres of land, I gazed at the sunset wishing every part of life could be just as magnificent. The streaming colors lit up the dark night sky, and for once my emotions were in tact; my mental state under control. The peace enveloping the earth created a feeling of safety and unity within myself. Releasing me from that trance-like state was a crackle coming from behind me: fire. I was buried deep enough within my thoughts that I hadn’t noticed my uncle start a fire. Staring into the flames, I felt the passion and anger well up within my heart, but knowing better than to give in, I returned my attention to the serene nature; returning to my peaceful mental state.

Although that day may seem like nothing more than a nature walk to others, to me, it opened up my mind and relieved the pain. The natural beauty of my lake house connected me to my inner feelings, the deepest ones I couldn’t find on my own. Such splendor of nature allows for anyone to reveal their deepest feelings, for all nature is, like those feelings, is real. The only action we as humans have to make is permit ourselves to delve deep beneath the surface of our own hearts, into the depths of our unknown being.