I believe in Education

Ashley - brookfield, Illinois
Entered on February 8, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

It’s always bothered me when I hear someone complain about how much they hate school. Kids are always fantasizing about how great their lives wouldn’t be if they didnt have to come here. I never want to live In that society. I believe education is necessary for human growth.

I don’t know what happened to today’s youth; education is now considered unimportant and “uncool”. Not even that many years ago, education was a privilege. Going to school was a dream, as it should be. And it still is in some other cultures. No one wants to learn anything anymore; not even if you paid them. Its all about being a reality TV star or winning money on a game show. Kids don’t want to be in school learning when they could be watching TV, or going to parties.

I never realized how greatly I valued education until I began to attend LT. Almost all the kids I graduated middle school with were to be attending Morton West after the summer. Going to LT was the last thing I wanted to do, I wanted to be at Morton with all my friends.

It didn’t take long for me to realize how academically advanced LT was compared to my previous schools. I wasn’t at the head of the class anymore, or getting straight A’s. I found out I had to work harder, and I strived to be better. Meanwhile, stories cane back from my friends at Morton, about their failing grades and constant ditching. Education didn’t seem like the number one priority at their school, socializing was more important, and building a reputation I don’t want to give the school a bad name or anything, its just the image I got.

I can never comprehend how someone could let something as important as education be pushed away. Education is everything; It’s the key to opening any door you could want. Everyday, our world becomes more and more advanced, and it will readily pass you by, if you push education out of the way. Some kids become more and more ignorant everyday towards our ever changing world. The choices you make today, undoubtedly will effect your future in great ways. I believe education is vital for humans, because regression is the worst phase we could go into now.