I believe in Equality

Jackie - La Grange, Illinois
Entered on February 8, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: equality

I believe in equality. There are so many different kinds of inequality and unfairness in our world it is a wonder we have the slightest bit of connection or understanding. If you look at the United States, a developed country, verse any undeveloped country, the inequalities jump out. Here in America, most of us have everything we need plus more in excess and we live life in a world a pleasure. In many underdeveloped countries, much of the population scrapes by with barely their necessities met, if they are met at all. Why are we, here in the United States, so fortunate and wealthy, compared to other less fortunate countries who struggle to make basic human needs available?

I recall one time I went to Mexico when I was in seventh grade, and while there my resort was gorgeous, there was the beautiful smell of the ocean, and the lovely sun bronzing my skin; I thought it was the best place on Earth and that everyone on who lived there was the luckiest person alive. Then one night my parents took me into town to eat at a local restaurant; after all can you really enjoy a foreign place without experiencing their true culture? So we took a taxi into town and walked a few blocks in from the ocean, away from where tourists normally eat and into the restaurants the local people eat. While walking close to the ocean I saw all of these marvelous stores with beautiful clean streets; but as I walked further away from the shore my surroundings quickly changed. What started out as beautiful streets and lovely stores full of exquisite clothing, turned to dirty streets filled with garbage, and the world of poverty was becoming much clearer to me. I specifically remember one man sitting on a stair asking everyone who passed to be generous and give him some money for food. The poor man looked as if he had not eaten in days and had not showered in weeks. Unfortunately he was not the only man I saw who seemed to live in poverty. Some people lived in small houses or shacks and didn’t have running water. I asked my parents why we came here and they simply told me that it was time to learn that everything in my life should not revolve around material objects, and myself but rather that I should attempt to make the world a place of equality and of equal opportunities.

So the next time you complain about things that are unfair, think about how people in developing countries struggle to fulfill their daily needs. We must also keep in mind that we need to attempt to create a world of equality not inequality.