Kevin - St. Simon`s Island, Georgia
Entered on February 8, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in paths. I believe that life has always presented me with numerous, figurative paths out of every situation or problem that has confronted me. Sometimes its hard to decide which path I want to go down, if I’ve learned anything in life its that things aren’t always cut down the middle between right and wrong. Sometimes what’s right and good for everyone doesn’t always yield the best outcome for myself. Normally, I try and keep everybody happy, taking a path neglecting myself.

The paths I’ve taken in life have shaped who I am and who I will be. If I had taken paths looking out for only myself, I would be a very different person than who I am today. Every single obstacle I’ve encountered always has paths leading me out, how I emerge from them in completely in my hands. I could emerge stronger, weaker, the same, or very different. It all depends on the decisions I make, which paths I wonder down.

Examples are everywhere; every decision I make is a different path I chose to go down in life. For one, holding a door open for someone as opposed to letting it hit them in the face is a decision most people would make in a heartbeat. But more complex decisions, like the ones world leaders make every day, whether to raise taxes to help the government body function or to lower them to keep the people happy, yield more complex pathways leading deeper into the psyche.

Every problem has a solution; every issue is a test of who I am and what my morals are. I believe the decisions I make in life shape who I am. I believe in paths.