I Believe in Christmas Miracles

Jennifer - Indian Head Park, Indiana
Entered on February 8, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

It was December of 2006, I was getting excited that it was the holiday season. I was 13 years old and only in eighth grade. I was already making my list of the items I wanted for Christmakah, which is the joint celebration of Christmas and Chanukah.

I always took the beautiful gifts I received for granted. I never imagined that there are some families are happy with just one toy. I never realized that there are some kids who only ask for the things they need, like clothes or school supplies. That year I learned that Christmas miracles really do exist.

My school decided that we would be secret Santas to an underprivileged school in Chicago. Each class was assigned a child and we had to raise money so we could get them the gifts on the list they made as well as buy the kids warm clothes, a jacket, a hat, and mittens. I was happy that I was doing this good deed however I was still only thinking about my holiday season.

My school decided it would be cool if they had students deliver the toys as elves. I was chosen to be one of the deliverers. A group of students and I went down to Chicago give the kids the toys. When the children saw the toys their eyes lit up. They tore open the wrapping paper to see what goodies they received from Santa. It was very heartwarming to see not only the kids’ reactions but the parents’ reactions as well. I never would have guessed that those small toys would go such a long way in the eyes of a child. That day I realized how much we meant to those families, we really made their Christmas’s special.

I believe in Christmas miracles. My class was able to make Christmas better for several families. Anybody at any age can help other people. With a positive view on life and having faith a miracle can come your way. That year I learned the true meaning of Christmas. My school taught me about giving. That year was really a miracle for me; I learned how much better you feel to give rather than to get. Janice Maeditere once said that, “Christmas is not as much about opening our presents as opening our hearts.”