The Bird’s Song

Anna - Rexburg, Idaho
Entered on February 7, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I Believe: The Bird’s Song

I love sunrises. I like to think that God individually paints every color scheme I see in the sky. The sparkling dew on the grass, the fresh scent of a new dawn, the magnificent array of pastel colors, and the sweet song of an eager bird all surround me as I stand steady as a mountain, drinking it all in and not wanting to miss anything. I hear the bird fly swiftly past me, and thank God for its tune. I believe songbirds make people happy.

I go back to a time when I was curious, restless, and even a little reckless. It was 5:00am on a gentle summer morning. I was leading a group of tired 14-year olds and our Girls Camp leader was in the back, trying to catch her breath. Our vigorous hike led up to Testimony Rock, a huge stone that symbolized inspiration, faith, and love. Each of us pulled out our scriptures, found our own bit of secluded rock, and read by flashlight.

By 6:30 the sky was lightening and we could see delicate pinks and oranges appear in the east. The moon started to run away, but we waited until each star vanished before we let it go. We could see the lake with her sailboats and the distant cabins appearing even more breath-taking with their silhouetted trees and home-made gardens. All of the girls gathered close together as we sang a beautiful song titled “Heavenly Father Loves Me.” I was content.

Just before the sun rose I heard a heavenly song coming from the rocks- no, the trees- no, the skies. I spotted two songbirds twirling around each other, making the air their dance floor and their melody the soundtrack. I wondered how the birds knew when to come out in the morning. Does this bird know how happy he makes me? I was filled with a deep appreciation for God’s creations; I yearned for more lullabies; I smiled at the picturesque scene before me. I was happy.

Suddenly the sun burst from behind the mountains! The clouds and the birds and the trees rejoiced as their familiar friend came into view. It was the most glorious sunrise I had ever beheld. The songbirds sang their greeting and I felt warm inside. Yes, I was happy.