Your Still Five

Bibiana - N.Hollywood, California
Entered on February 7, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family

Your nineteen and dad still sees you as when you were five. One day you ask him for a bike the next time he surprises you with your car. Your crying because he won’t let you go with him then your crying because he is making you go with him. He raised his voice just a little but never expected you to cry, that still hasn’t changed. You see him as your hero and after many years that same feeling is still there. He tells you to always stand up for yourself and never start a fight, just finish it. He taught you to have pride in your people but never knew you would teach him a thing or two about the fight in society. He always played doctor with you, never really thinking that is what your heart desires to be.

You look in the mirror and see his features, his eyes that you use to look at him with and his nose you use to smell the sweet colon you bought for him. Mom would get mad when she would go call dad for lunch and catch a glimpse of your little legs next to his. She rushes you out to find you all dirty but only trying to help your hero. He worked hard to give you everything you want. He always taught you education is the way out, and that is your drive for the future. You want to make him proud, but don’t worry he always has been. He brags about you to the family, always telling them about your achievements. He helped give you life and still wants to give you the world. He talks of the past only hoping you learn from him. He gave up a bad life to give you a great life. Your father may sometimes act like he is listening. And when you ask him what you just said he will get a blank stare and laugh, why because he has no idea. He confronts you about a boy and you may deny it but don’t because most likely mom has already sold you out. He knew this day would come one day, he was just wishing that you would stay five forever. I believe that fathers will always see you as their little five year old. As we grow up we learn that all they ever do is just love you unconditionally and even though you are nineteen they still want you to be five again. At times they may feel like you grew up to fast and you don’t need them anymore, truth of it all is you will always need them.