No Matter Who You Are, we Should All Get Treated The Same.

Tonya - Fulton, Illinois
Entered on February 7, 2009
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: equality

“No Matter Who You Are We Should All Get Treated The Same Way”. My life seems to fall through the cracks when I bought my first home. It was the worst experience of my life. I am a single mom at the age of 32 and I have been treated like an outcast. I was given things in my life that just because I was a single mom, but I was also treated different. I did not get the same treatment that a person did with money. People took advantage of me because I did not have much money. Just like black people were treated, different than whites did and that is not fair either. We all pay taxes and we all need to live with at roof over our head. So why are we treated different? People that do not have much in their life are easy targets and higher standard individuals have a lot to offer. I feel that I can do just as much as a single mom, as a rich person can. I may not be able to run a business or own a company now, but there is always room out for a chance to try. People with less should be given a chance to do the things that they are looked down upon. Yea it might take a little while longer but at least we will be given that chance. Do not look down on me just because I don’t have much, look at it like I haven’t gotten that far yet but my time is coming. I chose to go back to school back in march of 08 and it was the best decision that I could have ever made. I have shown my kids that even after all that I have been through that there are possibilities out there for me and I feel that when they grow up that there are just as many out there, as there was for me. I have and will to continue to show my kids that the lord throws situations out there to people just to see how much we all can handle and he will only give you as much as he thinks you can handle. The lord as put situations out there for me and sometimes I feel that it is too much but I will keep going and prove to people and to my kids that just because I am a single mom with not much money that I can be anyone, do anything, and go anywhere. I am a single mom and proud of it. Good luck to all singles moms out there, you will always have my support without the rich people. God Bless.